Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How To Take Care Of Dogs: Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

God couldn’t be physically with us so He gave us dogs…notice dog spelt backwards is God, and they both show unconditional love! How true. Dog is the one who loves you more than he loves himself. He is your best friend, understands you better than even your family. He shows signs of pain when you are in pain. He is a doctor in disguise too. 

He makes you happy, and thus prevents depression from coming anywhere near you. He gives you positivity, and lowers your stress. In many hospitals dogs are been used to give therapy to cancer patients. 

Studies have shown that dogs enable quick recovery, especially in cases of those who have undergone major surgeries. So it is our duty and responsibility to take good care of our dogs. As they say,“ Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

How to take care of dogs- feeding and food

The most important part of dog care is food and feed time. Always feed your dog good quality food, and always keep him hydrated.  Always go through the labels on dog food products and check the nutrients. Take advice from your vet, and know the difference between puppy and dog food. Provide clean water, and always carry his water bowl while travelling.

Fix a feed routine. Provide him food at fixed time, for example feed them twice a day. Amount should be fixed and according to the breed. Avoid food which harm them-like chocolates, bread dough, avocados, raisins, onions etc. Do not overfeed as it can lead to an upset stomach or weight gain.

How to take care of dogs- health and exercise

Health of a dog is as important as it is for you. Regular visits to a vet, and proper and timely vaccinations are must. When in doubt, talk to your vet. Use regular parasite prevention treatments, as parasites are very dangerous for dogs. 

The most important thing is desexing your dog. This reduces the risk of many serious health problems like mammary cancer, prostrate disease, thyroid issues and cardiac problems. By the way, you can also get a health insurance for your dog.

As for you, exercises are must for a dog too. Take him for a walk twice daily. To get fresh, dogs need to go for a walk 20 minutes after their meal. Play with your dog. Jumping, running and swimming are good for dogs. 

To initiate them to exercising, do not forget to reward them for target achievement.  Train them to socialise. Give them freedom to explore and play while on walks, this is good for their health.

How to take care of dogs- grooming, cleanliness and love

Proper hygiene and grooming is mandatory for the betterment of their health and looks.  Brush their teeth twice or thrice a week with dog’s brush and toothpaste.  You need to brush their coat also to keep it soft, shiny and healthy with a dog special comb or hair brush.  

Keep their coat clean to prevent ticks and infection. Bathe them with mild dog shampoo once or twice in a month. Get their coat and nails trimmed by a dog groomer. Type of grooming and hygiene varies with breeds.

Puts tags on collar with your address, name and number, it will help in case they get lost.

Dogs are very emotional and sentimental. You must try to understand his feelings, and it is your duty to respect their feelings and reciprocate with love, care and respect. Pamper them, dogs love it. Make them comfortable when they asleep or taking a nap. 

Build a bond of love and respect with your dog. Always remember, “Show a dog an ounce of love and he will be your friend for life.”

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