Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Effective Parenting Tips For Teens: Being Mom and Pa Not Enough, Be a Friend Too!

Parenting becomes tough when child reaches the adolescence stage. Unnecessary sulking, lack of communication, questionable friends and disrespect are common challenges that parents face while bringing up a teenager. Often it is difficult for parents to comprehend how in a matter of months, a loving and thoughtful child has turned into a moody and irritable teenager. But you should never feel dejected on the turn of events. With the right approach you can easily handle and overcome this teenage crisis.

Be child’s best friend
A parent is a mother or father first. But you must also see yourself as your child’s friend so that both of you can share a sense of mutual trust, loyalty and respect. Treat your teenage son or daughter as individuals with minds of their own. Talk to them about their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Likewise, even share your own mental state with them (not the distressing ones). This will help you win your child’s faith and confidence. Parent-child friendship allows children to open up and confide in their parents about their teenage problems. This is called parenting with love and logic.

Give them responsibility
Making your teenage child responsible is an integral part of their growth and development. You have to train and support your child to be ready for more responsibility. This means you have to plan in advance, when and in what areas you will allow your child to take his/her own decisions. It is up to you on how quickly you hand over responsibility to your teenager. Responsibility depends on many aspects, including your own comfort level, your family and cultural traditions, and your child’s maturity. The important thing to keep in mind is that you and your child, both should feel comfortable about the shift of responsibility and the pace of change. Excessive or too soon might leave both of you feeling overwhelmed. Less or too slow might result in your child feeling annoyed or defiant.

Know the parents of your kid’s friends
Whenever possible, be it at the school gates or while dropping your child off at each other’s house, try to get to know the parents of your child’s friends also. With this you ensure that your child is in the right and positive company. Speaking to other parents will help you find out whether both of you share the same concerns and values. This is regarded as an effective parenting skill.

Set rules and regulations
Parenting teenagers involves a subtle balance of giving them enough guidance to make sure they are making right choices, while also giving them enough freedom to make mistakes. Home rules need to be established that respect’s your teenager’s desire to be independent, while keeping in mind that they behave responsibly. You need to clearly outline what negative penalties will be in store for him or her when a rule is broken. Rules offer you an opportunity to instil values, encourage healthy eating habits, enhance social skills and prepare them for the real world.

Encourage child to take up sports
Encouraging to take up sports is the best advice to a teenager that a parent can give. Participation in sports activities helps in developing traits and lifetime values in teenagers which can create a positive impact in their lives. These activities help in the emotional, physical, social, and mental development of children. Researches have pointed out that teens who play sports do better at school. Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration, which can give your child an advantage in the classroom. Apart from this, sports help in elevating self-esteem, relieving stress and developing team spirit and leadership skills.

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