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Relationship Advice For Men: 10 Must Follow Tips To Make Your Relationship Long Lasting

A true relationship is one where two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other. They fight, they argue, they will stop talking for a while but keep going on dates, and never ever think about separating. Common belief is that it is the woman who puts in more efforts to keep a relationship going. This is not entirely true. Men too make efforts, just that they can’t communicate well. 

Men often avoid communicating or expressing themselves due to something called `the male ego’. Men should realize that both the partners are required to take a step forward for a relationship to move forward. Here are a few relationship advice for men.

Communicate with your partner

Communication is the best solution.  Unless you communicate, your partner will not know what is going in your mind and unless she knows the problem she will not have a solution. Communication is must-whether it is to express displeasure or love. Communicate with your girl and you will see how the confusion and misunderstandings vanish into thin air.

Shelve your male ego

Most men have their own set of notions about what is `manly’ and what is `girlie’, and they act accordingly.  For example, men avoid cooking thinking that it is a woman’s job. However, cooking together or helping partner in the kitchen strengthens the bonding. Similarly, men are advised to give equal importance to partner’s family. The concept of `man’s family first’ is against the principle of equality and often creates problems in a relationship.    

Be honest, never take her for granted

Honesty is the best policy. If you are honest with your partner, trust me you will get all the happiness in your relationship. Just remember don’t cheat on her. Cheating starts with your first lie, and ends with a broken relationship. Women normally do not forgive men if they are dishonest or cheat on them. Never give a feeling that she is just there to take care of you and your home. Just be frank with each other and learn to accept mistakes. At times you will have to be diplomatic-sugarcoat your words to say something that you know she will not like.

Small gestures work

This is the most important relationship advice for men. Appreciate her every now and then, make her feel special. A simple rose can do wonders. Compliment her on her looks, eyes, hair, dress, etc. Tease her, flirt with her, surprise her with gifts (not necessarily expensive ones), take her out for romantic evenings, go on a long drive, give her attention and be protective. These gestures will bring back spark in your relationship. Women like being pampered, and these gestures help you win your lady’s heart.

Dreams and decisions

Always share your dreams for a bright future, women love it. Also help your lady realize her dreams. Help each other in achieving goals. Once this happens both will feel satisfied and successful, this will cement the trust between the two of you. Another important advice for men is that you should consult your lady before taking major decisions. With this you will win her faith, and boost her confidence in you. This also gives a signal that you need her support and that her views matter. She will feel important and this is good for a healthy relationship.

Be the best partner

You know she is so proud to have you as her partner, so it is your duty now to be the best boyfriend or hubby around. You have to prove her right. Do not hesitate to show your love and respect, even in public, especially when her girl gang is around. 

Respect your woman

This relationship advice should be followed by all men. You have to show your woman that you respect her. You must have the trait of chivalry to express your intentions and feelings. Disrespecting her in front of her or behind her back gives a bad impression of your personality-not only to your woman but to others as well.

Romance and making love

Romantic gestures and flirting makes a relationship strong and fresh. The next part of happy and healthy relationship is sexual chemistry. Good sex life is important for the stability of a relationship. Add spice to your sex life to make it happening- try new positions, new places, awkward time, etc.

Arguments and relationships

Arguments are an integral part of all relationships, but that doesn’t signal the end of a relationship. Do not walk away from an argument thinking it will worsen the situation. Instead, try sorting it out by talking to each other and discuss the issue. If you think that relationship is not working, help each other to smoothen out the differences. Make efforts rather than blaming her. 

Create memories and enjoy

The best part of relationship is creating memories and cherishing them. Enjoy each other’s company, and live every moment that you spending together, nothing can be more beautiful than these special moments. Collect pictures, make notes of love, make clips to remember, etc, all these gestures give the feeling of togetherness, and make everything memorable. Men, follow the advice. It works!

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