Monday, 20 June 2016

Relationship Advice: 10 Expert Tips To Make Your Good Relationship Best

Understanding your partner and listening to him or her are two different things. Listening means you hear them. Understanding means you care enough to do something about it. So, understanding is the basis of any relationship. It is the understanding that makes a relation healthy. Relationships are an integral part of life. Just that, a healthy one makes your life smoother and happier. A healthy and happy relationship is important to make the bond stronger. Mind you, it is not difficult to make and maintain a healthy relationship. Few tips will help you have a happy and healthy relationship. Here are a few amazing and effective healthy relationship tips.
Self love
It is important to love yourself first. There are many women who start disliking their bodies after some time. They started feeling unattractive and even start avoiding intimacy with their spouse. So ladies, stop hating yourself, because it affects your partner also. Love yourself, be intimate with your partner and enjoy a healthy relationship. Do not forget to plan a date and enjoy.

Sex life
When it comes to healthy relationship tips, a healthy sex life is at the top of the list. Healthy and happy sex life is important for any relationship. So, to bring back and maintain the spark, try something out of the box to ignite the fire. Shed your inhibitions, try different positions. You can try different places too-may be kitchen, drawing room. You can play around with the timings too. You may try flirting, sexting, anything that adds spice. But always practice safe sex.

Exercise and workout
A healthy mind and body is a necessity for keeping a relationship healthy and happy. So why not try an exercise date, it is found that couples who exercise together tend to stick to their fitness regime, and also spend quality time together. Exercise and workouts, experts says, lead to better and pleasurable sex. Yoga benefits your relationship physically, emotionally and mentally.

Food to add
Healthy relationship tips also include healthy eating. Try something like chillies. It triggers the endorphins, and spark up your sex life. Almonds, arugula and avocados improve sex drive and fertility. It is just not about eating, it is about cooking too. Try cooking together, it brings in an element of fun and increases bonding, leading to a healthy relationship.

Relationship rules
There are a few things you need to follow religiously for a healthy relationship. Always solve your problems by communicating with each other. Always be honest to each other, share your problems and help each other in overcoming the problems--be it about finances, sex life, health, children, relationship, just about anything. Discuss all issues with your partner..

No one is perfect
People often compare spouses with those of others, and sometimes their relationships too. Never do this. Comparisons lead to stress and dissatisfaction. Also remember and realize that arguments and fights are common in all relationship. One heated argument or a fight should not mean that you start thinking about a breakup. Remember you two are a team, and a good team always works as one.

Understand each other
Understanding in relationship is very important. The list of healthy relationship tips will not be complete without this. Whatever the situation be, understanding and trust between you two is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. If your partner is in bad mood or skittish, be calm and understand that situation will not last forever. Remember, often due to work pressure even the calmest of the person may get frustrated.

Help and support
Help and support each other, as a partner it is your duty to help your other half in all situations. For example, if he or she wants to quit smoking motivate your partner and work together. Help each other in adapting a healthy lifestyle. Support and trust your spouse in all his/her new ventures. It could be business plan or for that matter a weight loss regime. Always try to respect your partner's choice. If you disagree, then make your partner understand why you are opposing.

Appreciate each other
Healthy relationship tips include small little things which we tend to forget as our relationship grows or as we grow in a relationship. So, always remember to appreciate each other instead of being critical about small things.

Work on yourself
Making relationship healthy is important, but working on yourself is equally important. When you are in stress, feeling low, depressed, etc, understand that your partner too feels the same. If there is something undesirable is making you tense, seek help from your partner, friend or family. It is important for a healthy relationship that you quickly come out from your tension wrap.

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