Wednesday, 18 January 2017

8 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Including Cancer

Cinnamon also known as ‘dalchini’ in Hindi is a healthy kitchen spice of mid brown color and spicy flavour. As an ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon has been used extensively for the treatment of various health problems like cancer, heart attack, inflammation, infection, diabetes and Alzheimer. 

Given below are some of the health benefits of cinnamon which can also protect and prevent your body against various diseases and infection. 

Fights against cancer 

The most important benefit of cinnamon is that it helps in protecting our body from various cancer like prostate, colon and breast cancer. As an anti cancer agent, cinnamon also works effectively in destroying the growth of cancer cell andtumor growth in our body. 

Good antioxidants

Cinnamon contains high amount of antioxidant in it which helps in the protection of our body from the free and damaged radicals. 

The antioxidant property of cinnamon also helps in fighting against all the oxidation molecules thus preventing our body from getting affected from any disease or health issues. Start adding cinnamon in your daily meal for better health and life.  

Anti-inflammatory agent

Cinnamon also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps in providing you relief from all kind of inflammation in the form of pain, swelling and allergies.
For getting relief from the inflammation, apply cinnamon oil in the affected area twice a day. 

Protects brain function

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property in cinnamon helps in the proper functioning of the brain and cells. Cinnamon also helps in protecting your brain from the severe brain disorders like Alzheimer, depression, mental trauma and dementia. 

Healthy heart 

Another amazing health benefit of cinnamon is that it helps in lowering the risk of all cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, high cholesterol level and stroke. So for the good health of your heart start the consumption of cinnamon in your meal and drinks.  

Fights against Infections and flu

Cinnamon also contains many antibacterial, anti-microbial and antifungal properties in it which makes it more powerful element in fighting against all the germs, bacteria, viruses, flu and infections. 

Immunity booster

As a powerful immunity booster, cinnamon works effectively in increasing your metabolism level to a faster rate thus giving you more energy to work. In this case, consumption of cinnamon tea can be fruitful for you in making you active and energized. 

Maintains a good oral hygiene

Cinnamon can also be used effectively in protecting you against all dental problems like bad breath, itching gums, mouth infections, swelling, tooth decay and cavities. Ask Dr Vivek Misra if you have any query related to oral hygiene.

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